Captain Scott Kelly

History-Making U.S. Astronaut & Retired U.S. Navy Captain

Captain Scott Kelly’s epic Year In Space solidified his status as one of the greatest pioneers in history. In October 2015, he set the record the single longest space mission by an American astronaut. On this trip, Scott and his twin brother, Mark, became subjects of an unprecedented NASA study on how space affects the human body. Now, Kelly shares transcendent insights that inspire and challenge audiences to dream big, test the status quo, and “choose to do the hard things.”

With awe-inspiring stories from space and personal reflections on leadership, teamwork and testing limits, Scott inspires others to believe that they can reach any goal. As he looks back on the expedition that shuttled him into history books, audiences revel in the presence of a true American hero and gather unique takeaways on persistence, resilience and self-determination that transform the way they view their own journey through life.

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